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Liza Guellerin

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

With nearly ten years of professional experience, six of which have been abroad, I have expertise in both the Marketing and Training functions.

My preceding responsibilities led me to analyze processes, carry out reporting in different contexts and fields, including measuring the effectiveness of advertising operations or new training schemes in large companies.

In addition, these missions gave me the possibility of working in close cooperation with technical and commercial teams, both vertically and horizontally, in order to ensure the coordination and the success of these projects.   

Within the Human Resources field, my know-how and experience ranges from completing training needs analyses, training catalogue development, assessing training, writing and launching e-learning modules as well as to even advise and accompany employee training choices based on performance reviews.


Below you will find my accomplishments, cv in English and in French, and my transferrable skills...

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A multi-lingual MBA graduate, who has lived, worked and traveled in numerous countries.


Below, you will find a quick review of my professional experiences and accomplishments.



My multi-cultural work experiences began as an expatriate in Warsaw, Poland with my family. I had the opportunity to study there as well as have an internship for a government agency. I returned to the USA to obtain my Bachelor's degree at Ohio University in Business Administration.


I then worked for 4 years in marketing and advertising (BtoC). During my time at Coldwell Banker, I : 

  • Developed & implemented the residential marketing strategy
  •  Designed a strategic advertising campaign that elevated sales team performance into the top 20% of region, increased name recognition by 15% and decreased sales time of property by half of local industry average.



Returning abroad, I enrolled in an MBA program focused on international business at ESCP-EAP in Paris. The end of the year consulting project consisted of managing a team responsible for the development, realization, and final reporting of a comprehensive Training and Development Benchmark study.


Following the MBA, I was hired at the Pechiney Headquarters reporting to the Vice President of OD&E (Organizational Development and Education).


Some of the most significant accomplishments at Pechiney included:


  • The successful planning and coordination of the first "Getting to Know the Group Seminar" for new employees in the United States (over 40 participants with an overall rating of 3.8/4.0).


  • The development and implementation of e-learning programs in conjunction with Subject Matter Experts and Program Sponsors including programs on Continuous Improvement Processes and HR Performance Reviews. At this time I became a certified Training Manager on Instructional Design.


  • Working in cooperation with our training center for the organization of the annual HR Seminar. This provided an opportunity for me to coordinate the "Annual HR Award" with our divisional HR Directors; Develop the Learning Institute Training Offers Book; Create and lead team building activities with over 100 participants.



Subsequently, at Crossknowledge I worked closely with training partners and managers in four countries:


  • Providing support in the sales and deployment process for partners and clients. This included the creation of blended learning proposals following a needs analysis; email 'marketing' for participants; consistent reporting of results to clients.


  • Ensuring centralized communication with our international partners.


  • Formalizing Crossknowledge practices in France with our partners.


Most recently, I developed a business and marketing plan to create a company to support corporate employees on International assignments and expatriates (between Anglo-Saxon countries and France).

  • I obtained an Intercultural Communications Certification from Global'Ease focusing on Preparing for International Assignments.

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CV in English

Professional Experience


July 2006-present           

Entrepreneurial Project, Paris, France


Intercultural Communications Consultant (Global'Ease Certified Trainer)

Creation of a company to support employees in corporations in intercultural communications when working on international assignments, during expatriation, or partnered with a foreign entity.



June 2005-June 2006

Crossknowledge S.A., Paris, France


International Business Development, Project Manager

·   Centralized and managed all communication with our international partners.

·   Formalized Crossknowledge practices with our partners in Spain, Canada, and Belgium.

·   Supported partners in the sales and deployment process for new projects and clients.



March 2002-May 2005

Pechiney S.A., Paris,France                            


Training Manager/Communications Specialist

·   Developed, coordinated, implemented e-learning programs in conjunction with Subject Matter Experts and Program Sponsors.

·   Responsible for the coordination of week-long training in the USA for Getting to Know the Group Seminar.

·   Assisted in marketing programs such as developing teaching materials, handouts, pamphlets, and brochures.

·   HR Seminar: Coordinated Annual HR Award; Developed Annual PLI Training Offers Book; Assisted in overall coordination of annual HR Seminar including the creation and organization of team building activities.

·   Intercultural liaison: Assisted in the assurance of culturally sensitive internal and external communications such as verbal messages and intent of corporate messages to English speaking community when necessary.



Sept 1997-Dec 2000

Coldwell Banker HOA Real Estate, Illinois, USA         


Marketing and Advertising Manager / Licensed Realtor

·   Working in a team with an Independent Real Estate Broker/Agent, developed and implemented the residential marketing strategy, which included customer service processes and systems to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction in a highly competitive sales environment. Also provided budget forecasting data.

·   Regularly worked with transferees. Provided detailed market information, school and club information, welcome to the neighborhood packets.

·   Designed strategic advertising campaign that elevated sales team performance into the top 20% of region, increased name recognition by 15% and decreased sales time of property by half of local industry average.



April 1997-Aug 1997

Newsweek International, Paris, France          


Marketing Intern

Reporting to the Advertising Country Manager, assisted regional sales team by coordinating logistics for special section mailings, media kits and developed the European public relations event.



Nov 1994-Jan 1995

U.S.A.I.D., Warsaw, Poland   


Economic Restructuring Intern

Provided administrative and logistical support to department personnel within the context of international relations development with 'high growth' Polish companies. Also developed and monitored financial forecasts.

Education, Development and Skills

Global'Ease (2007)

 Intercultural Certified Trainer, focus on International Assignments                                             


Langevin Learning Services  (2003)   

Certified Training Manager, focus on Instructional Design               


ESCP-EAP (2001)             

MBA graduate, Paris, France


Ohio University (1997)

Bachelors in Business Administration                                   

Graduate with Academic Honors: Cum Laude


Majors: Marketing and International Business,

Specialization in Interpersonal Communication


Language Skills Development                                  

English:               Native Language

French:                Fluent

Polish:                 Social fluency


Multi-cultural Development

France/Poland:     Lived, worked and studied (10 years combined)

Travel:                  Exensive travel throughout SE Asia, Europe, North America

                           (30+ countries visited)

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CV en Français

Expérience Professionnelle:

 juillet  2006-à ce jour     

Intercultural Communications Consultant

Projet Entrepreneurial, Paris, France

 • Projet de création d'entreprise pour le soutien et l'intégration des expatriés en France.


juin 2005-juin 2006         

Account Manager, International Business Development

Crossknowledge S.A., Paris, France


Activité : Conseil et accompagnement de grandes entreprises (hors France) dans la définition et la mise en place de leurs dispositifs de formation.

 • Gestion et coordination de la communication avec les partenaires internationaux.

• Formalisation des process de la société (méthodologies de déploiement, de tutorat, études de cas, outils marketing…) et formation des partenaires.

• Déploiement et support des projets pour les clients internationaux.


 mars 2002-mai 2005       

Training Manager/Communications Specialist

Pechiney S.A., Paris, France 

 Activité : Producteur mondial d'aluminium et d'emballages.

 • Développement, coordination et application des programmes de e-learning en collaboration avec les experts et les sponsors internes.

• Responsable de la coordination des formations aux États-Unis pour les nouveaux employés.

• Séminaire RH: Coordination du « Annual HR Award », création et organisation des activités de « team building ».

• Veille interne sur l'adéquation entre la communication et les différentes sensibilités culturelles au sein de la société.


sept 2001-dec 2001        

Stage, Projet international de fin du MBA (Paris, France)

• Gestion d'une équipe chargée du développement et de la rédaction d'une étude (benchmark) sur la formation dans 50 sociétés internationales.


sept 1997-dec 2000        

Manager, Marketing et Publicité/Agent Immobilier (certification)

Coldwell Banker HOA Real Estate, Illinois, USA   

Activité : Immobilier particulier.

• Développement et implémentation de la stratégie marketing (services clients, mesures de satisfaction du client…).

• Elaboration d'une campagne publicitaire visant à améliorer la performance commerciale.

• Relocation : recherche de logements disponibles, études de marché, information sur les quartiers (les écoles, les banques, les organisations, etc.).



 avril 1997-août 1997       

Newsweek International,

Stagiaire Marketing (Paris, France)          

 • Coordination de la logistique pour les envois spéciaux et les kits medias. Participation au développement d'un événement européen de relations publiques.



nov 1994-jan 1995           


Stagiaire United States Agency for International Development (Varsovie, Pologne)         

• Interview des entrepreneurs polonais afin d'établir leur situation administrative et financière auprès de l'U.S.A.I.D.



Formations et Connaissances:


jan 2001-déc 2001           

ESCP-EAP, Paris France

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)



Ohio University, USA     

Bachelors in Business Administration (équivalent maîtrise)

Spécialisation en Communication Interpersonnelle


Certification :    

Global'Ease (2007) "Preparing for Your International Assignment"

Langevin Learning Services (2003) "Training Manager et Instructional Design"


Langues :

Anglais :               Langue maternelle

Français :             Courant

Polonais :             Notions

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Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills

Through my various professional and personal experiences, I have acquired and fine tuned various skills. 


Self Motivation/Initiative

I do more than required or expected, and do things no one has requested to achieve objectives and avoid problems  

I function with minimal supervision

I suggest new ideas and new ways of doing things



I express ideas effectively both orally and in writing, in both individual and group settings

I provide and solicit feedback I use plain language and examples

I seek input and ideas from others to keep current

I respect confidential information

I present in front of a group with confidence and poise

I select the best communication medium for the audience (e.g. oral, written, graphic, pictorial or multi-media)

I speak French and English and basic notions of Polish



I work with others to accomplish a common goal

I work with team members to define team goals

I assume responsibility for my assigned role

I help others to solve problems and accomplish work objectives

I respect differences (e.g. gender, race/ethnicity, thinking styles, etc.) when interacting with team members

I give credit to others who have contributed

I lead when appropriate

I have a sense of humour

I work with a sense of leadership & cooperation




I adapt and perform effectively with a variety of situations, individuals and groups

I appreciate different and opposing viewpoints on an issue

I flexibly apply rules or procedures, depending on the individual situation I change my own behaviour or approach to suit the situation


Creativity & Entrepreneurship

I identify and suggest new and effective ways to get a task done, solve problems or identify opportunities

I use imagination freely

I combine ideas and information in new ways

I seek out new information and people with expertise

I do not make premature judgements about what will and won't work


Diversity Appreciation

I respect and appreciate diversity and individual differences in people

I seek to understand cultural differences

I seek to understand the views of others, I do not act on stereotypes

I seek diverse input

I seek common ground

I see differences in people as opportunities for learning and approaching things differently


Time Management

I effectively manage my use of time to meet deadlines

I balance getting the task done and the feelings of the people performing the task

I assess and evaluate priorities daily



I identify problems, consider alternatives, take steps to solve and to prevent reoccurrence

I recognize differences between symptoms and root causes

I believe in achieving win/win solutions to problems


Self-Directed Learning

I continually improve my knowledge, skills and abilities

I understand the learning process

I learn from experience

I know my own strengths and weaknesses

I am curious

I keep knowledge and skills current in areas of interest

I view mistakes as necessary learning tools

I apply lessons learned from mistakes, setbacks and successes


Customer Service Orientation

I understand the importance of serving the customer

I actively listen and ask questions to understand the customer's requests

I give the customer other options when his or her request is not possible

I respond with an appropriate sense of urgency

I manage multiple customer needs effectively

I anticipate customer's needs and make suggestions in the customer's interest   


Project Management

I organize a collection of activities to accomplish a specific project goal

I use systems to organize and keep track of activities (e.g. "to do" lists, appointment calendars, follow-up file systems)

I set priorities

I establish objectives that are achievable and measurable

I meet deadlines and complete projects

I plan for follow-up activities

I handle multiple assignments and projects



I promote open communication

I convey confidence in people's ability to do the task

I recognize and reward good performance


Conflict Management

I seek to influence rather than control

I identify areas of agreement (what do we agree on, what do we disagree on)

I change my views when warranted

I work towards win/win solutions



I gain acceptance of others for ideas, plans, activities or to buy a product/service

I identify the people who can make or influence decisions

I establish credibility or make an impression (e.g. using details like dress, language, and surroundings to make that impression)

I highlight advantages or benefits of an idea, a plan or products using concrete examples, visual aids, demonstrations etc.

I look for win-win opportunities

I use experts or third parties to influence


Consulting Skills

I work to meet the needs of internal and external clients

I quickly identify needs of clients

I respect policies and procedures in problem solving

I assist the client in assessing needs and options and recommend courses of action

I am accessible and responsive to clients

I report on results


Teaching and Training

I identify learning needs, design and run workshops, coaching

I use Subject Matter Experts to obtain necessary information for creating training programs.

I develop detailed training catalogues

I draw up training data result documents

Consult and accompany clients on training options


Information Collection and Management

I identify and collect the information needed to make a decision

I organize information in readily accessible formats (e.g. paper file, computerized data bases and spread sheets)

I locate information sources, extract relevant information, synthesize and interpret data, and make it more presentable


Using Technology

I use technology such as word-processing (Microsoft word), databases, spreadsheets (excel), desktop publishing (powerpoint) to complete tasks

I identify the technology to achieve the desired outcomes

I use technology to organize and analyze information

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